I have been riding bikes since, and probably almost before I could walk, but after my years as a youth rider, I was preoccupied with my education, work- and family life and therefore was long gone from the sport of cycling.

In the last 10 years I have resumed and rediscovered my passion for this form of exercise. I find that bicycle exercise ensures both an active and healthy lifestyle, and allows for some incredible experiences of nature’s beauty from the saddle . After years of riding “for the fun of it”, I took up “racing” without really knowing what worked for me training wise, and I became increasingly interested in the mechanics and physiology behind cycling. In the beginning,as a self-study, I “consumed” everything on training and racing. Of course a lot of my curriculum was directly or indirectly associated with TrainingPeaks or the people behind this.

After a few years, I realized that this was more than a hobby. With the class-leading analysis program WKO4 came a dawning understanding of “reading and interpreting data” from the increasing number of sources (HR, Cad., Power, Speed etc.) almost all cyclists produces every time they swing a leg over the toptube.

I´m a certified “DCU coach” at the Danish Cycling Union and it´s given me an updated and comprehensive knowledge of the physiological aspects of training as a cyclist regardless of current level. A knowledge that I´m now able to translate into “best practice” for each rider’s specific needs.